Tuesday, January 20, 2015

蔬菜咸味玛芬 Garden Savoury Muffin

河马妈突然很想吃咸味的玛芬,然后很勤劳翻完书架上的食谱书都没有看到咸味的玛芬,动怒!买那么多书,结果要用的时候都派不上用场!是谁说河马妈的书很多?那么简单的食谱都没有。。。又可以买书了~ 啦啦啦啦啦~




I have the craving for savory muffins out of a sudden. After flipping through my recipe books collection... I couldn't find any! So I must tell Hippo ah pa not to nag at me for my recipe books collection, it is obviously I have not enough of them! Wahahahaha!

To have delicious warm served muffin, the "hardworking" me.... woke up early morning at 5.30am to prepare the it for our breakfast! Well, I must say the "hardwork" paid off, they are delicious indeed! Wahahahaha! Since I have no exactly recipe to follow, I use my hippo instinct (read: agarism!) to anyhow create them. Wahahahaha! Luckily the end product is good. Else hippo family have to go hunger for the morning!

食谱参考/Recipe reference:河马妈乱乱烤/Hippo anyhow bake (Read: Bake at your own risk!)

If anyone tried this recipe, please let me know if you like it! I am very very very curious!

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