Thursday, June 04, 2015

班兰椰浆戚风蛋糕 Pandan Coconut Cream Chiffon

Edited to add (05/06/15) : This is the not very successful version of using packet coconut milk, I have adjusted the ratio of flour and baking time, I still couldn't get the texture right.
前两天接小孩时碰到河马仔的班主任,她告诉我说她有来我的部落格走走。(吓到!)不过她看不懂。。。哈哈哈哈~ 因为她是菲律宾籍,只看得懂英文。哈哈!对不起老师,河马妈比较习惯写中文,写英文真的让我很头疼,也很怕食谱写错误人子弟啦!不过还是很感激她让我知道,有人看我的部落格耶!哈哈哈哈~ 

Met hippo ah boy's form teacher a few days back, she told me she actually visited my blog! But she couldn't understand a single word in my blog, because she is a Pilipino and she can’t understand Chinese!  Oops~ Sorry Ms. Maria, to write in English is a torture to me, I might not express myself clearly if were to blog in English.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for your visit to my blog!

edited to add (05/06/15) : This one use fresh squeezed coconut milk, much better texture.

I started this blog for the purpose to record down my baking journey and most importantly, to keep tested and tasted nice recipe so that I have some reference in the future. To make sure they are not lost in somewhere and not to pile up my collection by printing each and every single one in hard copy, in a way, save the environment? LOL~ So the blog is still very much personal thing. I write more when I have more free time, or else... Just leave it to fate. =D


Back to this Chiffon cake. This is one of my favourite recipe. But this recipe is abit tricky, you have to use ONLY coconut cream squeezed from fresh shredded coconut。 The recipe doesn't work well once you switch to use the ready pack pasturized "fresh coconut milk" available from some local supermarket! I have yet to try with those coconut cream (ie. Kara brand), but I guess it might work since the thickness is very close to the fresh squeezed one. I have no desire to try with those, if I can use fresh squeezed one, why should I use packet one?


With fresh coconut and pandan concentrate, the cake smell and taste really really great. My hippo ah girl, the one who really knows how to eat actually request me to make this for breakfast everyday! 

食谱参考:这里 (AnnaChan-全蛋食谱)

食谱注解/Recipe Remarks Note:

Remarks 1: Thick coconut milk squeeze direct from fresh shredded coconut without add a single drop of water.

Remarks 2: To make pandan concentrate, blend about 30pcs pandan leaves with 2-3TBsp tap water and squeeze the juice.

Remarks 3: You can cover the cake with foil after about 20mins the cake bake in the oven to prevent burnt top.