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Bread-Straight Dough #1 面包-直接法#1


看着面包发酵是很快乐的事~ 看着面团慢慢发胀.就好似看着自己的慢慢小孩长大.那个过程是手做者最大的满足!



(Adapted from FB's friend Ms. Soh Pin Tee)

(Yield about 10-12 standard size bread)

340g bread flour
50g sugar
½ TBsp instant yeast
½ tsp salt
210g milk
40g cold butter (cut into small cube)

1. Put in yeast and sugar, then half of the bread flour, salt, and balance of the bread flour.
** This is to separate the salt to contact with yeast. Salt can kill yeast if they are mixing together for long. While sugar help the activeness in yeast.
2. Mix the dry ingredient in the mixing bowl with a knead hood. (Just a few turn) Pour in milk slowly; knead until it forms dough.
3. Slowly add in butter, knead until membrane stage.
4. Grease a clean bowl, shift the dough into the bowl, lightly spray water on the surface of dough and cling wrap/cover with wet clean towel (omit the water spray if wet towel is use).
5. Leave it to proof for 40mins (up to 1.5hrs) or until the dough is double the size.
** Tips: on your oven for 1 mins and off the heat, leave your dough in the oven to proof. Works wonder for me!

** How to check if your dough is ready. Grease your finger with butter or oil. Poke your finger into your dough, the dough remains its’ shape. The hole that your finger poke in should not bounce back (bounce back means not done), no obvious shrink down in size. (Shrink down means over proof, but it’s ok, just go ahead with the 2nd proof. Still edible!)

6. Line your baking trays with parchment paper.
7. On a clean table top, take out the dough from the bowl. Punch out the excess air in the dough.
8. Cut and weight the individual dough.
** Suggestion: adult: 50-55g dough. Kids: 30g dough.
9. Flatten the dough into flat oval shape. Place your hotdog at the middle. Leave on the baking tray for 2nd proof. Cling wrap loosely and leave them proof until the dough risen double of the size, about 30-45mins.
10. Preheat oven 15-20mins before your bread is ready for bake.
11. Lightly milk wash/egg wash the dough thinly. Squeeze mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce on buns, sprinkle some parsley if desire.
12. Baked in preheated oven for 12-15mins or till the top is golden.
** Adjust your baking time according to your oven temperature. My oven is hotter therefore my bake time always shorter than original recipe.
13. Take out the bread from oven and move them to cooling rack till cold before you store them into air tight container.
** This recipe can remain soft for up to 3 days under room temp. Or you can fridge the bread and microwave for 15secs before consume. The bread will return it softness once microwave.

For reference, can visit Carol Jay's blog:

Additional remarks from hippomama:
1. This dough is good for simply bread without much shaping. Like sugar roll, Cheese buns, simple roll bun & whole loft due to its non stickiness nature.
2. This recipe is very forgiving. Even if you under or over proof, the bread will still okay to consume. So no worry about the over/under proof, go ahead to try!
3. If hand kneads, the steps basically are the same. Put all ingredients into a bowl and knead till the dough forms, add in butter and knead till window stage. This recipe is good for hand knead also as it is non sticky once the dough forms. Very encouraging recipe! Haha~

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