Tuesday, July 15, 2014

厨房救星:纯天然中药材紫云膏 Lithospermum Balm

今天不玩煮饭烘焙,我们来玩煮药膏!!!你没有看错~ 这神奇的药膏真的是“煮”出来的。


最近河妈想自己做皂,所以脸书里加入好几个台湾的做皂团,皂团里除了分享肥皂,最常看到的就是它,紫云膏!而且好多妈妈提到说搽在蚊虫叮咬的叮包上很有效,呵呵~ 又多了一个动力,河马妞几乎每天都有蚊虫叮!常常听她投诉这里痒,那里痒,然后睡前就会在床上滚来滚去睡不着,好烦!


终于找到蜂蜡 (beewax) 和乳油木果脂 (shea butter)


制作过程其实很简单,低温将药材炸干后,倒入蜂蜡和乳油木果脂,喇一喇,药膏就做好了~ 要注意的是炸的时候,液体的部分会膨胀很多,所以要用至少大一倍的器皿来炸。我也不太清楚为什么膨胀那么多,要再多读一点书,哈哈。


后来我做饭时有不小心被锅子边烫伤,我马上在被烫的地方搽上一层薄薄的,约莫半天后才想起怎么烫伤的部位没感觉疼?看了一下,没有红肿,没有烫伤的痕迹耶~ 不过一开始也不严重啦,所以也不能做准。


Playful me in new action! LOL~ Saw a famous Taiwanese blogger share about this ointment end of last year, but I wasn't able to get beewax and shea butter at that time.

I have never come across this ointment before, maybe it is not that popular in Singapore/Malaysia. But it is very famous in Taiwan & China!

I was attracted by it again when a few mother in a soap making group that I joined said it is very good for mozzie and insect bite. It seems like a life saver to me! Hippo ah girl attracts mozzie and insect alot in childcare, whine alot which makes me pull my hair, especially when it is bed time and she keep whining and refuse to sleep, madness!

I tried on hippo ah girl, it seems very effective like what my facebook friend shared. I apply a thin layer before she goes to bed, the swollen and redness reduce alot the next morning! She even rejected me to apply more and told me it's not itchy anymore! Woohoo!!!

Do take note if you are making this, the liquid raise to at least double during the frying process, so do prepare a big pot for frying. I was in a mess switching pot when I saw the oil is about to overflow from the small pot I use!

According to the original source, the ointment keeps at least a year. Well, it depends on how you use and keep the ointment of course!

参考/Reference: 廚房救命法寶之純天然中藥材紫雲膏