Friday, September 19, 2014

【上课】歌剧院蛋糕(欧培拉) 【Attend Class】 Opera Cake

歌剧院蛋糕 =P

This little French classic cake is one of the "must learn" cake. I wanted to attend class to learn such classic cake and not just do it with any grab online recipe. There are too many version online and many of them claimed that their recipe are from Le Cordon Bleu, but when I compare they look not all the same in terms of ingredients! I am kinda confuse....

之前参加了比赛赢得赞助商Palate Sensation的现金卷,可以用来付上课的学费。河马妈怕输,立马上网报名!哈哈哈哈~ 也不是怕输,就碰巧瞄到这一堂课,千金难得,马上给他报下去啦!还拉了烘焙咖Ni陪我一块儿去玩。

Thanks to Palate Sensation for such generous sponsored gift for the Bake off contest I joined earlier. I think I am really lucky one, when I check on their website to see if there is any interesting class to attend and this immediate draw my attention. I know I must attend Ms. Nan class to learn it!

“不修边幅”的欧培拉~ =P

The school located in abit ulu place, I couldn't find the parking entrance despite I go round and round in between the tall buildings! Ok, blur hippo I am, it is actually just right at the junction I make a turning, I just didn't see it! Duh! Well, it is not actually an ulu location, I learnt that we hardly can get a carpark slot if it is a weekday! Haha! It looks ulu because that was a Saturday morning which most of the company is off!


There are only 5 of us attended the class, a small class, I love it! Our instructor Ms. Nan is a bubbly person. She is very detail when explaining the steps, and she make sure we are with her when she demo the step to us.

认真的河马妈~ 哈哈哈~
认真的河马妈~ 哈哈哈~

Opera is not as difficult as I think. It has so many layers and so many component to prepare, but actually each of the components take very little time to complete. To put everything together also doesnt really took us very long. For 3 hours, we manage to finish everything. So if you are still hesitating to make an Opera, don't think, just DO IT! =D


因为是上课的食谱,不能分享食谱哦~ 不过我有在网上找到说是蓝带的食谱,可以参考一下。

I cannot share the recipe since this is belongs to the school. But you may want to refer to the link below for the recipe, the recipe from "Choco Paris" was adapted from Le Cordon Bleu! Enjoy!


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