Tuesday, September 30, 2014

咸焦糖酱 Salted Caramel Sauce



做那么多?焦糖酱怎么消耗?呵呵~ 送出去啊!其实每一个食谱的分量也不多,成品都大概在300-500ml之间,要是食谱量比较大的,就把食谱减半来做就好。

送了一罐给河马阿嫲,河马阿公拿来泡咖啡冰,河马阿公是我们家的咖啡师,他泡的咖啡可美味了!咖啡泡好河马阿嫲边喝边说味道有像星巴克咖啡涅~ 让在一旁边喝咖啡的阿公沾沾自喜着,笑死我了~

不过焦糖酱有很万用哦~ 我都用来涂抹面包给小孩,河马小妞可喜欢了~ 这小妞啊~ 最会享受了~ 还可以淋在冰淇淋、蛋糕,用来做饼干的夹馅等等等。。。太好用了~

I don't really fancy salted caramel, but I have this super strong craving for it since weeks back, I finally have time to make my own and get it fixed after a weekend long trip back to hippo ah pa's hometown.

I have been trying on a few recipe as the first recipe I chosen online doesn't give me the thick texture I want. Thanks to my dear baking kaki Ni who shared Chef David's recipe from his book "Ready for Dessert", this is really good that I temporarily stop trying for others. I tweak the method of making this salted caramel to the way I feel more comfortable with, I shall try again with chef's method one day when I am ready to do so.

Hippo ah gong use the salted caramel I brought to them to make ice coffee, hippo ah ma was very happy and said the coffee taste like those she used to buy from Starbuck. LOL~

参考食谱/Recipe adapted from with modification:Ready for Dessert by David Lebovitz