Monday, June 23, 2014

巧克力神奇卡士达蛋糕 Chocolate Magic Custard Cake

还在神奇中。。。河马仔吃不腻,每次问起要什么早餐,答案千遍一律是神奇蛋糕。。。哎哟喂呀~ 我做到都腻了。。。



The "magic" spells continues... My darling hippo ah boy request to have this whenever I ask him what he wants for breakfast... Well, I think we are having too much of "magic" actually, but since I am the one who ask for his opinion, it is not very nice to denied him especially his sister, hippo ah girl didn't object the idea. I am a democracy mom, you know... So, the "magic" journey continues... OMG! I shouldn't have ask them for opinion in the beginning! Serve me right.

食谱参考/Recipe Reference:神奇卡士达蛋糕

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