Thursday, June 26, 2014

炼乳奶油土司 Condensed Milk Butter Bread




This bread was shared by one of my facebook friend, Lim PS. She is very good in baking, I really admire all of her works. The recipe created a chain effect in facebook, I can almost see it everyday. It seems that the bread is very delicious! Everyone gave thumbs up after taste it!

I couldn't resist it, I love almond, and this is a straight dough method recipe! So... go Hippo go!

I double the recipe so that I can gift to my cousin and my baking kaki. They gave very good feedback to the bread too! But Hippo ah pa doesn't like it very much, but well, his comment is not my consideration, He said the bread is too milky, hello! this is condensed milk bread, of course must be milky right? I love the fragrance of the bread, but I doesn't like the texture, it lack of the chewiness, but, this could be my kneading or proofing problem, it is still too early for me to say it is not to my liking, I will try again to find out if this is "MY" bread.

食谱参考/Recipe reference:这里Winnie's Kitchen Works


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