Friday, December 07, 2012

Pai Bao 排包

This was one of my favorite childhood foods. I like the one with cream and lots of chocolate rice in the middle. I always licked the cream and chocolate rice before I bite on the bun. Hoho~

I told my husband I am going to make this. He requested to have it with butter cream and sugar sprinkle in the middle. He said this is version of childhood memory. How amazing right? One type of bun presented in different way to two persons.

To make this pai bao is a new experience to me. The method use in this recipe is totally different from what I learnt previously. It mixes all ingredient together till it becomes smooth and non sticky to hand while the previous recipes I tried add in butter after the basic dough forms. I was in doubt but I decided to trust the recipe since I have chosen it. 疑人不用,用人不疑嘛~ haha! I am glad I try it. I like the texture very much as it is very soft and smells so fragrant compared to the other recipe that I used! Could it be the flour that I use? Well, I will not know until I try it again with the usual flour that I use.

Pai Bao 排包
(Recipe adapt and  from here:)

225g Bread flour 
60g Castor Sugar
45g Butter
110g Warm milk 110g (abt 120ml) *see mini note.
½ nos Egg 
7g Custard Powder
4g Instant Yeast


1. Mix all ingredient with dough hook/hand till the dough is smooth and non sticky to hand.
2. Place the dough in a big greased bowl. Let proof till double or 2.5x of its’ original size.
3. Deflate and divide the dough into 8 equal portions. I weigh and cut them into 8 equal portions.
4. Cover the let rest for 15mins under room temperature.
5. Flatten dough with a rolling pin. Then roll the dough. Pinch to seal. Roll and stretch the dough into a long dough about 2/3 of your baking tin’s width.
6. Place the dough in the middle of your greased baking tin with about 1cm apart between dough and dough with sealed side face downward.
7. Cling wrap/cover and leave proof till double of its’ size.
8. Egg wash and bake in pre-heated 180c oven for 15mins.

Hippomama’s mini notes:
1. Warm milk temperature shouldn’t exceed 40c as the yeast will die at 40c


225g 高筋麵粉
60g 砂糖
45g 牛油
110g 温牛奶 (120ml)
7g 吉士粉
4g 即溶酵母

1. 將所有材料在盆中混合拌勻成麵糰,將麵糰搓揉至麵糰光滑,有彈性而不黏手為準。

2. 將麵糰放在塗油大碗中,蓋上保鮮紙進行發酵。

3. 直至麵糰發酵至約3倍大小。(我只让面团发到两倍半)

4. 將麵糰分成8等份 (最好用磅量度!),蓋上保鮮紙鬆弛15分鐘。

5. 壓扁麵糰,並將麵糰由外向內捲。

6. 捲至尾部,將尾部的麵糰拉爛,繼續捲至收口。

7. 將麵糰收口位向下,排好造型放在己塗油的焗盆上,再蓋上保鮮紙進行第二次發酵至3倍大小。(也只发到两倍)

 8. 在包面塗上蛋液,放入預熱焗爐180C,焗15分鐘至表面金黃即成。


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