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Tri-Colored Swissroll 三色瑞士卷

This was a last minutes bake. I totally forgotten my dear friend’s birthday is approaching when I saw my calendar marking that Sunday afternoon. I am like: “OMG! Her birthday is approaching!” I am not sure if I have sufficient time to prepare for her a decent birthday cake as it is just 3 days away, I need to work on weekday and little hippo #2 is entering school on the very next day. So I decide to come out with something simple yet special for her. My Orange Swissroll is a big hit among my tasters, so I decided to tweak from the recipe!
Tri-colored Swissroll

I am glad the roll turns out well without practicing. Think back now, I am so daring to tweak my bakes without even a trial run. This is so not me! Phew~

All I did was bake, roll and use a chocolate pen to write “Happy Birthday” on the swissroll. I didn’t manage to take a picture of final product as I was really rushing to go out. I am already late for my appointment with the kids’ godma!

Tri-colored Swissroll with Rum Raisin Butter Cream

Raisin 2 TBSP
Rum Enough to cover raisin.

*Soak raisins in rum a few hours to 1 day in advanced.

(Make a 12” x 12” square cake tray)

Egg Yolks 4 nos
Fresh Milk 70g
Vanilla Essence 1 tsp
Vegetable oil 40g
Cake flour 70g (sifted)

Egg whites 4nos
Castor sugar 60g
Lemon Juice ½ tsp (or can also use 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar)

1. Preheat oven 180c . Line the cake tray with parchment paper.
2. In a bowl, whisk egg yolk, fresh milk, vanilla essence and vegetable oil till well combine. Add in flour, mix well.
3. Divide batter into 3 equal portions, add desire food coloring into the yolk batter.
4. In another bowl, beat egg whites and lemon juice till foamy, add sugar in 3 additions. Beat till stiff.
5. Weigh and divide meringue into 3 portions.
6. Fold in 1/3 of the meringue into 1 portion of egg yolk mixture. Repeats 2x for the other 2 colors.
7. Pour one colored batter mixture at one side of your baking tray. Repeats at the middle and lastly at another side of your baking tray, you can pour them side by side or any pattern that you like.
8. Smooth the surface and knock a few times on table top to get rid big bubbles in the batter.
9. Bake in preheated oven for 12-15mins or till golden.
10. Remove the cake from cake tray once it is out from oven. Tear the side parchment paper and leave it on cooling rack for abt. 5 mins (till the cake is warm and touchable). Inverted the cake and tear away the baking paper but leave the baking paper remains cover on the cake to prevent the cake from drying.

Rum Raisin Butter Cream filing:
Abt. 2 spoonful of soaked & drained rum raisins
80g Unsalted Butter (soften under room temperature)
125g Icing Sugar
½ tsp vanilla essence (optinal)

1. Drain raisins and set aside.
2. Sieve icing sugar into butter and beat till fluffy with an electric mixer. Add in vanilla essence and mix well.
3. Invert the cake, (brown side at the bottom), spread the buttercream thinly on swissroll.
4. Sprinkle raisins on butter cream and roll.
5. Fridge for an hour before cut and serves.

Hippomama’s mini note:
1. 60g eggs are used in this recipe.
2. I use salted butter to balance the sweetness from icing sugar although my recipe stated unsalted butter. You can sprinkle some salt if you find your butter cream is too sweet to your liking when you are using unsalted butter.
3. The usage of lemon juice or cream of tartar is to stabilize the meringue.
4. Weigh your empty bowl so that you are able to get the actual weigh of your batter/meringue and divide them accurately.


鲜奶 70g
Vanilla 香精 1tsp
沙拉油/菜油 40g

细糖 60
柠檬汁 1/2tsp (或是用塔塔粉1/2tsp)

蛋黄,鲜奶,云尼拉香精和沙拉油 拌匀, 加入过筛的低粉拌匀。
3. 把蛋黄面糊分成三等分。各加入喜爱的食用色素,拌匀备用。 
6. 1/3 蛋白霜加入一份蛋黄糊中拌匀。重复于其他两份蛋黄糊。
把其中一份拌好的面糊倒入烤盘的一角,再把第二份面糊倒入烤盘中间,最后倒入最后一份面糊,稍稍铺平面糊, 轻敲烤模底部几下去除面糊里的大气泡,
8. 放入预热好的烤箱烤12-15分钟。 至蛋糕体表面呈金黄色。

大概2 大匙的兰姆酒葡萄干
80g 无盐奶油 (室温下软化)
125g 糖粉
½ tsp 云尼拉香精 (可免)

1. 葡萄干沥干备用。
2. 糖粉过筛加入无盐奶油里,打至松发。加入云尼拉香精拌匀。
3. 把蛋糕体反扣回来,涂上打好的奶油内陷。
4. 撒上葡萄干,卷起。
5. 冷藏一小时即可。

Hippomama’s mini note:
1. 食谱用了60g 的鸡蛋.
2. 如果怕奶油内陷太甜,可以用含盐奶油。盐的咸度可以稍微中和甜度。
3. 蛋白加入柠檬汁/塔塔粉可以使打发的蛋白比较稳定,不容易消泡。
4. 开始操作之前先把空碗(或容器)先一一称过,这样就可以轻松的知道蛋黄糊/蛋白霜的重量,亦更方便把面糊/蛋白霜分成等份。

Update: 05/12/2012 - Added Chinese version of recipe per readers' request.

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